Why youtube views showing in lakhs?

It's been a while since Google made changes to the YouTube view count in India, changing the international count to the Indian counting method, that is, lakhs and crores are now seen instead of millions and billions. The goal behind this change was to make the app more familiar to Indian users. There was no update or announcement from YouTube about the change, and it turns out that it's not visible to all Android users. With the new change, users will begin to see view counts displayed in billions and millions of rupees instead of the previous millions and billions.

For example, if a video on YouTube has 10 lakh views, it means it has 1 million views. Similarly, 1 crore of views on a video means it has 10 million views. This also applies to the number of subscribers. There is also no option to return to the previous view count.

If you want millions of YouTube views, select English (UK) or English (US). ) and, if you want it on a different system, choose a different default language. This is how you can change the YouTube view count to millions and billions on your Android smartphone. Unlike Desktop, where you have to manually change the language of all your YouTube accounts, changing the device language will start working immediately across all YouTube accounts.

Yes, you can change YouTube watch counts from Lakhs to Millions easily through your smartphone settings. Google has started showing YouTube views as billions and millions of millions instead of millions and billions in India. So far, YouTube has determined view counts in the thousands, millions and billions for creators and viewers around the world. Google has recently made changes to the YouTube view count in India, and changes the international count to the Indian counting method.

This post will also tell you how to change YouTube's view count from millions to a system in your region. To change the YouTube watch count from thousands to millions, open your device's Settings, go to Language %26 Input and select Languages. So YouTube users in India who had kept their system language as English (India) woke up to views that were displayed in thousands of rupees. YouTube recently changed the likes and views count from millions and billions default to billions and millions of rupees in India.

You can change the settings to English spoken in the U.S. And YouTube's view counter will change to millions and billions again. While YouTube views will be the same across all number systems, their format matters a lot, especially when you're used to a certain type of counting system, such as millions. You can change the settings to spoken U.S.

UU. (United States) and YouTube's view counter will change again to millions and billions.