Why youtube views decreasing?

YouTube started out as a user-centric video uploading site and that attracted a lot of vloggers, and those are the creators I've followed for years. If they don't receive views, it probably means they haven't uploaded content that has had an impact on the new generation of viewers. YouTube videos can lose views from YouTube Audits. For videos that start to accumulate views, YouTube conducts audits to rule out dubious accounts.

Auditing is an ongoing process, and YouTubers should expect fluctuations in views over time. If you pay attention to the view counts for videos on a YouTube channel you own, you might expect them to be relatively stable. When you suspend the view count during continuous video audits, there are fluctuations in views that cause video rankings to slow down on the site. They would analyze the logs and behavior of both the old views that were registered and the new views that arrived while auditing everything.

If an account has been inactive for a long time, it will purge it, along with any views you've made on YouTube. For weeks, or even months, your YouTube views and subscribers have been growing, and you've been satisfied with your content strategy. The problem with this came from people watching their watch counts in real time or simply monitoring their video views on a daily basis. However, to maintain a smoother view counting experience, YouTube has decided to conduct ongoing audits and validations.

Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube blog and check the guidelines that YouTube shares with you on a regular basis. Therefore, a video with 3000 views can gain more than a video with 10,000 views, and CPM makes the difference. Keep in mind that very high view counts will have a much lower CPM to save advertisers costs. I should probably audit google and youtube and possibly get rid of my youtube accounts and switch to my Switzerland VPN email account to avoid unwanted and questionable activities.

In the event of suspicious activity from a single IP address to manipulate views, YouTube removes the visit counts that were obtained based on site policies. YouTube was tired of answering questions about the 301-view hiatus and they were tired of having to deal with the problems it caused. Videos that play automatically in YouTube playlists are counted as views, as viewers deliberately access the Some views will be added, others removed, and taken together, their view count will increase and decrease overall. The fact is that many people complained that their views were disappearing, when in reality many points of view that never existed were denounced.

One thing to note here is that you can use YouTube Analytics, which is a branch of Google Analytics natively available to content creators on YouTube, to see a more accurate version of the view counter.