Can youtube views earn money?

A YouTube calculator is a simple online tool that calculates an estimate of how much money you can make with your YouTube channel. Cashlady has created a YouTube league of the people they estimate are the top earners on YouTube at any given time. Video selection is in such demand that YouTubers who create compilation videos can have millions of subscribers and views. If you've already turned on ads for your YouTube videos, you don't have to do anything to start earning money with YouTube Premium.

Asking how many views on YouTube will generate revenue isn't a wise question, since the exact amount of money you'll earn from a video depends on several factors, including interest and location of the advertiser. To see how much money you've earned with YouTube Premium, you'll need to go to the Revenue section of YouTube Studio. If you want to rank better on YouTube and increase the views of your videos and the number of subscribers, you'll need to pay attention to search engine optimization. Whether you want to make money on YouTube without creating videos or as a content creator, joining the YouTube Partner Program and setting up monetization is a critical step.

YouTube Premium is a subscription service that gives users access to exclusive content and ad-free viewing. For example, “Spill Sesh, the popular YouTube gossip channel with more than 500k subscribers, sums up the latest drama from famous YouTubers. If you're not accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you can focus on creating videos that are 60 seconds or less and check out the YouTube Shorts Fund. We'll share the views and the number of subscribers you should work for, but we'll also look at other factors to consider if you really want to use YouTube to make money.

The following tool has been developed to allow you to easily calculate the estimated earnings of a Youtube video or channel and is based on video view count, engagement, and several other factors. YouTube will automatically transfer all additional revenue earned from ad-free views to your AdSense account, along with revenue earned from ads. It can take some time to make money with ads and watch time on YouTube, and you'll only start to get a significant amount once you have a lot of views.