How much money do you get for 100 views on youtube?

The average YouTube channel doesn't make a lot of money from viewing revenue, but there's certainly a way to calculate estimated daily earnings and improve these estimated earnings on your channel. Famous YouTubers have substantially increased their viewing earnings thanks to having a powerful community and a large number of subscribers. The amount of money a YouTuber can earn per video depends on several factors, such as the number of views they accumulate and the number of Google ads shown on their videos. If the ad doesn't play, the YouTuber doesn't earn any advertising revenue from the view.

In other words, if you include a mid-roll ad and a YouTube subscriber watches your video but doesn't make it to the ad, you won't get paid for that view. Because your subscribers contribute a lot to the overall picture, you can consider yourself a YouTube celebrity when your video hits the ten million view milestone. Below, you can see some real-world examples from different channels in different niches and see exactly how much YouTube pays for 1 million views. So, while YouTube doesn't pay you based on the number of subscribers you have, they're an integral part of the number of views your videos receive.