Who pays for youtube views?

The average YouTube channel doesn't make a lot of money from viewing revenue, but there's certainly a way to calculate estimated daily earnings and improve these estimated earnings on your channel. Many YouTubers put their most controversial content on Patreon and keep their YouTube content more “vanilla” so as not to risk demonetization. Finally, the more views you get, the more likely it is that more people have seen your video ads and, therefore, the more money you'll get from YouTube. Famous YouTubers have substantially increased their viewing earnings thanks to having a powerful community and a large number of subscribers.

YouTube pays a fixed amount of money per view, but despite this, YouTubers don't earn the same amount. If you were already familiar with YouTube Premium, you may have wondered how you'll earn when YouTube Premium members see your content, since they won't see any ads. However, you might want to consider not completely relying on YouTube AdSense for your YouTube revenue. In other words, if you include a mid-roll ad and a YouTube subscriber watches your video but doesn't make it to the ad, you won't get paid for that view.

In short, advertisers pay for YouTube ads, and YouTube pays creators a percentage of the income from advertisers. YouTube pays for views.